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The System of the Hotelstars Union

Under the patronage of HOTREC – Hospitality Europe, the hotels associations of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland have created the Hotelstars Union. In the meantime, the following countries joined the star family: Estonia (2011), Latvia (2011), Lithuania (2011), Luxembourg (2011), Malta (2012), Belgium (2013), Denmark (2013), Greece (2013), Liechtenstein (2015) and Slovenia (2017).

Their partnership is providing a harmonised hotel classification with common criteria and procedures in the participating countries. The Hotelstars Union enhances the reputation and quality of the hotel industry in the participating countries by creating transparency and security for the guests and thereby encouraging hotel marketing.

The members of the Hotelstars Union take a challenging step on the road towards a European hotel classification, which started with HOTREC’s seminar on hotel classification in Bergen 2004 and continued with the adoption of the 15, now “21 HOTREC principles” for the setting-up and/or review of national/regional hotel classification systems in Europe.

The membership in the Hotelstars Union is open to other HOTREC members. The joint hotel classification is a dynamic system. Its criteria and procedures are checked regularly and developed further according to the expectations of the guests.

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