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Welcome to the Hotelstars Union in the Netherlands!

To unify the hotel stars in the European firmament and make them comparable is the task that the Hotelstars Union set itself more than 10 years ago. What started with 7 countries has meanwhile grown to 20 member countries all over Europe. The focus of the star family is a harmonised hotel classification with common criteria and procedures in order to create transparency and security for the guest, but also to strengthen the reputation and quality of the hotel industry and thus hotel marketing.



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By increased transparency and security for the hotel guest the Hotelstars Union promotes the hospitality industry’s reputation and quality in its Member States, thus strengthening the hotels’ marketing. A membership of the Hotelstars Union is open to all HOTREC Member States. The common hotel classification is a dynamic system whose criteria and guidelines are regularly reviewed and updated according to the expectations of hotel guests.
In line with common international practice, the hotels are classified into five star categories.

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