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The EU institutions provide their support to the further promotion of Hotelstars Union, the European industry hotel classification system

Brussels – 15 March 2016 – The latest developments of Hotelstars Union – the common European hotel classification system being under the patronage of HOTREC, the umbrella association of hotels, restaurants and cafés in Europe - were presented this morning to Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission in a breakfast meeting. The Hotelstars Union (HSU) is the official hotel classification system in already 13 countries in Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland), with 3 more being in the implementation phase (Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg)  and a few more in the planning phase (like France and Italy).

HSU was created in 2009 under the patronage of HOTREC, with the goal to provide a harmonised and comparable hotel classification system in Europe. This system which is based on 270 common criteria provide for a comparable offer in terms of hotel facilities and services along the different star categories. The objective evaluation of the offer, which is conducted by professionals, offers a reliable and measurable system in the new world of reviews provided by different travel websites to the consumers.

“The Hotelstars Union is a very good example of bottom-up initiatives coming from the hospitality industry. Its wider and wider application across Europe provides consumers with a clear comparison of the accommodation offer in Europe but also for visitors from third countries” – recognised the achievements Ms. Isabella de Monte, Member of the European Parliament. “It needs now to be further promoted in the rest of the European Union” added MEP de Monte.
“The Hotelstars Union is regularly adapting its evaluation criteria to fit market needs including consumers’ involvement” explained Janis Valodze, President of the Hotelstars Union. “The system was designed to be applicable in all European countries, considering cultural, geographical differences of the market, therefore we welcome new countries to join us” stressed Mr. Valodze.
“This classification system is built on the professional cooperation of the industry, which is also acknowledged by several travel websites which are using directly the information provided by Hotelstars Union to display the official star ratings of participating hotels” added Mr. Christian de Barrin, CEO of HOTREC.
“The European Commission fully supports this harmonised hotel classification system in Europe. Hotelstars Union also contributes to sustaining European tourism’s competitiveness and therefore we encourage the industry to keep further developing it” concluded Mr. Carlo Corazza, Head of Unit in DG Grow of the European Commission.

Hotelstars Union
Under the patronage of HOTREC – Hospitality Europe - the hotel associations of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland have created the Hotelstars Union. In the meantime Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Malta joined the star family. Their product is a harmonised criteria catalogue for hotel classification, to provide the guest and hotelier more transparency and security. For detailed information please visit www.hotelstars.eu.

What is HOTREC?
HOTREC represents the hotel, restaurant and café industry at European level. This industry includes around 1,8 million businesses, of which 99% are small and medium sized enterprises (91% of them micro enterprises, i.e. employing fewer than 10 people). These businesses make up some 59% of industry value added. The hospitality industry provides some 10.2 million jobs in the EU alone. Together with the other tourism industries, the sector is one of the largest industries in Europe. HOTREC brings together 43 national associations representing the sector in 29 different European countries.

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