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The System of the Hotelstars Union

Under the patronage of HOTREC – Hospitality Europe, the hotels associations of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland founded the Hotelstars Union in 2009. In the meantime, the following countries have joined the star family: Estonia (2011), Latvia (2011), Lithuania (2011), Luxembourg (2011), Malta (2012), Belgium (2013), Denmark (2013), Greece (2013), Liechtenstein (2015), Slovenia (2017), Azerbaijan (2020), Georgia (2021) and Poland (2022).

On 25 March 2021, almost 12 years after its foundation, the Hotelstars Union was transformed into an international non-profit organisation under Belgian law (AISBL) with its statutory seat in Brussels.

DOWNLOAD: Factsheet Hotel Classification in Europe

The members of the Hotelstars Union are making great efforts towards a harmonised European hotel classification based on the “21 HOTREC principles” for the setting-up and/or review of national/regional hotel classification systems in Europe.

The membership in the Hotelstars Union is open to all HOTREC members. The joint hotel classification is a dynamic system. Its criteria and procedures are checked regularly and developed further according to the expectations of the guests.

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