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Bright stars in dark nights – Hotelstars Union starts test-classification in Ukraine

Kyiv/Brussels, 28th December 2022: Despite Russia's attacks continuing unabated into the Christmas season, the Ukrainian Hotel and Resort Association (UHRA) and ....[more]


Hotelstars Union welcomes Poland as a new member

Stockholm, 14 October 2022: Poland becomes the 20th member of the Hotelstars Union and gives the starting signal for …[more]


Tripadvisor to display Hotelstars Union star ratings in 18 European countries for lodging properties

July 15, 2022, Brussels, Belgium – As clear as the stars: Tripadvisor, the largest travel guidance platform in the world, will display the official star ratings …[more]


Deutsche Hotelklassifizierung startet „Sternetalk“

Klassifizierung, Kriterien, Auszeichnung: Doch was heißt es wirklich, ein Sternehotel zu sein?[more]

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