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Armenia unanimously accepted into the circle of Hotelstars Union

Tenerife/Jerevan, 2 May 2023 - The Hotelstars Union has accepted another new member at its 5th General Assembly. Armenia is the third European country in the Caucasus to join the HSU, after Azerbaijan and Georgia. With the observer status it has now received, Armenia will be able to participate in HSU meetings, gain a deep insight into hotel classification harmonised across Europe and already actively participate in technical discussions.

"We warmly welcome Armenia to the European star family and are pleased to be able to expand our scope in this way. The reputation that the HSU system now enjoys beyond core Europe is impressive. It strengthens us, especially in a phase in which we are routinely tackling the renewed revision of our catalogue of criteria, which we initiated at our General Assembly," emphasised HSU President Markus Luthe.

Armenia is also pleased about the inclusion: "Our vision is to achieve European standards for a dynamic development of our industry. One of them is the Europe-wide harmonised criteria of the Hotelstars Union for hotel classification. By joining the HSU and also being able to actively participate in the meetings and working groups as an observer, we can prepare everything for the introduction of the system in Armenia next year”, underlined the President of the Armenian Hotel Association, Mikayel Mayrapetyan, during the HSU General Assembly

Currently, the Armenian government, in collaboration with the Armenian Hotel Association, is developing new legislation concerning a novel system of hotel classification, where the Association will be in charge of setting industry standards, classifying and certifying the hotels. “Thanks to membership to Hotelstars Union, we expect an enormous boost of recognition and trust for our country and competitive advantage for those hotels which join this system of internationally comparable and reliable criteria”, Mayrapetyan concluded.


About Hotelstars Union
Under the patronage of HOTREC Hospitality Europe, the hotel associations of Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland form the Hotelstars Union. It was founded in 2009 and has been operating as an association under Belgian law with its headquarters in Brussels since 2021. The Hotelstars Union reliably classifies hotels in categories from 1 to 5 hotel stars according to a common catalogue of criteria in already 21 European countries. With already more than 22,000 classified hotels or 1.2 million classified hotel rooms in its member countries, it offers transparency, quality and security for guests and hoteliers. You can find detailed information at www.hotelstars.eu.


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