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Pressemitteilungen der Hotelstars Union


Hotelstars Union‘s General Secretariat henceforth in Austria

From 2015 the Hotelstars Union is going to be administered and organised from Vienna while being chaired by the Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association

Budapest/Vienna. The Managing Board of the Hotelstars Union (HSU) unanimously entrusted the Austrian Professional Hotel Association in the Austrian Economic Chamber (APHA) with the competence of the HSU’s General Secretariat for the next six years. From January 2015 Austria is going to take over the administration and organisation of the HSU. Thus, the current system of an annually rotating office is going to be abandoned. Klaus Ennemoser, APHA’s president, is pleased and welcomes the decision: „With the establishment of a permanent secretariat a sustainable continuity of the agenda is ensured.”  The presidency of the HSU, however, continually rotates annually. In 2015 the Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association (HHRA) is going to chair the stars family, represented by Andrea Kopócsy as the association’s honorary president.

Ennemoser and Kopócsy emphasise: „Back in 2009 the founding treaty of the HSU was signed in Prague. With the introduction of the new star system in 2010 the annual transfer of the competence among the HSU members started as well. The consolidation of the secretariat in combination with the annually rotating presidency will ensure a well-organised, but progressive future of the HSU.” Projects and tasks will be developed together with the presidencies. This decision is a tremendous milestone in ensuring the high quality promise of the hotels stars to guests and hoteliers likewise

Hotelstars Union

Under the patronage of HOTREC – Hospitality Europe - the hotel associations of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland have created the Hotelstars Union. In the meantime Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Malta have joined the star family. Their product is a harmonised criteria catalogue for hotel classification providing the guest and the hotelier with more transparency and security. For detailed information, please visit www.hotelstars.eu