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Bright stars in dark nights – Hotelstars Union starts test-classification in Ukraine

Kyiv/Brussels, 28th December 2022: Despite Russia's attacks continuing unabated into the Christmas season, the Ukrainian Hotel and Resort Association (UHRA) and ....[more]


Hotelstars Union welcomes Poland as a new member

Stockholm, 14 October 2022: Poland becomes the 20th member of the Hotelstars Union and gives the starting signal for …[more]


Tripadvisor to display Hotelstars Union star ratings in 18 European countries for lodging properties

July 15, 2022, Brussels, Belgium – As clear as the stars: Tripadvisor, the largest travel guidance platform in the world, will display the official star ratings …[more]


3rd General Assembly of the Hotelstars Union: Hotelstars Union met at its birthplace in Prague and sets new marketing impulses

(Berlin, 29 April 2022) Approximately 13 years after its foundation, the Hotelstars Union AISBL returned to its birthplace Prague …[more]

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